Friday, July 24, 2009

Hadley Says I Should Update My Blog

Though I've done my best to keep myself "off the grid" in many respects -- no Facebook, no MySpace, no LinkedIn -- as it were, I have now officially made my YouTube debut.

At least I did it in style; drunk on Jack Daniels in a thunderstorm, posing for pictures taken by people who refer to me as "Zeus."

A second cameo has already appeared, featuring the rancid bitch from whom I saved two drunken comrades the following evening.

To you, sagging hotel bar strumpet, I say this: No, I don't believe Chipper Jones could lick your fucking clit.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Heads Will Roll

I called Gaslight to make a reservation for tomorrow night (Bastille Day!), hoping to be seated in the section of my favorite waitress there.

They informed me that she has left the country.

God and I are now in a huge fight. I will throw down my enemy and smite his ruin upon the mountainside.