Thursday, February 5, 2009

In Memoriam: Fantasy Football '08

Looking back on my fantasy football season, and seeing that Derrick Mason was my most productive WR in a PPR league, I cannot help but wonder what the Hell I was smoking on draft day. Then again, who could've foreseen that Plaxico Burress's career would implode that badly, or that Braylon Edwards would begin performing like the kid in "Little Giants" who ends up having to load his hands full of that sticky tar stuff just to catch a pass? Nonetheless, appalling.

On that note, this gem comes from friend and fantasy confidant Peter:

"I had a number of those Derrick Mason moments myself. It's that moment where you look at the roster of a playoff opponent who is absolutely stacked, then go back to trying to decide whether Dominic Rhodes, Warrick Dunn or LeRon McClain is going to be your #2 RB and, in a sudden, blinding flash of clarity, you realize that you're not going to win."
And how.

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