Friday, April 17, 2009

Of Asses

Because I actually enjoy my job, I practically never communicate anything about it here. The only information that makes for a good story is the same kind of information that gets a person fired. I'm not entirely unschooled in such ways.

But I will say this.

This afternoon, a coworker of mine was complaining, at extreme length, about several things. Personal life, other coworkers, boss, etc.

The words entered my ear where they were immediately annihilated, as enemies in "Centipede" on easy against an expert player. As the constant stream of bitching vaporized en route to my motherboard, the core remained intact and operating at peak efficiency.

I thought to myself "I have a great ass."

It is that very mental process that allows me to be as good at my job as I am.


  1. I thought to myself "I have a great ass."
    Yup, I gotta say I agree with you on that one. *Terrorist Fist Jab*

  2. Oddly enough, you are not the only person to give me a terrorist fist jab this week.

    Also, I imagine I cannot contend with your porntastic posterior, sir.