Thursday, April 9, 2009

Real Men Have Cuvees

I suddenly need a wine fridge.

In research -- important research that is part of my lifelong quest to drink all the champagne I can get my fucking hands on -- I suddenly have encountered a bottle that I might have to refrain from drinking, at least for a little while anyhow.

How did I not know about this before?

From the website of champagne house Pol Roger:
"Sir Winston Churchill was Pol Roger's most illustrious devotee and customer. This champagne is made in his honour. The composition of the blend is a closely guarded family secret but from tasting it is likely that the champagne features about 70-80% Pinot Noir with the remainder made up from Chardonnay. The grapes are all from Grand Cru vineyards which were under vine during Churchill's lifetime and it is only ever made in the very best vintages. It is made in a style which Churchill himself favoured: robust, mature and long-lived."
I simply must have it. Of the champagne, Churchill is quoted as having said, "In victory, I deserve it; in defeat, I need it." I, myself, require it in two ways as well: a bottle a drink, and a bottle to hoard.

Sir Winston is on the Mount Rushmore of champagne heroes that exists in my head, accompanied by Louis Bohne, Dom PĂ©rignon, and Oscar Wilde.

UPDATE: Apparently, it is Winston Churchill Day. And wouldn't you know it, when I went to Trader Joe's for a little grocery shopping, they had Pol Roger!

This... is who this is.


  1. I think me and my brothers bought a wine fridge for my mom for her birthday. Wisest investment we have ever made. Honestly, the thing is a fucking GODSEND. Hell, you can even refrigerate things that AREN'T wine in there.

    I am getting way too excited about this shit.

  2. No, man. There is nothing about which excitement is more justified.

    Really, there should be a wine fridge with a section for cheese and fruit.

    There probably is one.

    It is probably six hundred dollars.